Toxic Frog

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Hop little frog, hop!

That's what you do, you just hop everywhere. Hop hop hop! Introducing Toxic Frog from Ramble Interactive. You're a frog on a jungle pond. You're after Fireflies, but you have to be careful about which ones you munch. A lot of skill, a little luck, and a little strategy, that's what it takes. After all, it's dangerous business being a frog on a jungle pond, pretty much everything wants to kill you. From Toxic Frogs to Marauding Jungle Owls and more, there are plenty of dangers to keep you hopping!

★ 94/100 "An excellent game, well designed and clearly polished to a high level. Highly recommended." - ArcadeLife

★ 4.5/5 "Overall, Toxic Frog is ridiculously addicting. The music is enchanting and the graphics are charming." - Apps On Tap

★ 4.5/5 "This game features sharp music, killer graphics and 30 challenging levels of lily-pad-hopping gameplay. I have played and reviewed 1000′s of iPhone, iPad, and Android apps and I have not come across any that have done as great of a job as this app on melding graphics and sounds with the actual gameplay." - Crazy Mike's Apps

★ 8/10 "As simple as it may be there are things that will make it difficult but with a fun concept and easy controls I’m sure that you will enjoy playing this enjoyable game." - App Score

★ 4/5 "Original tricky retro gameplay with great graphics and sounds!" - Tim Jordan, Touch Arcade Forum Moderator

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Toxic Frog Teaser

Official Trailer, Director's Edition

Crazy Mike's Video App Demo

The Joy of Hopping

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