Revenge of Toxic Frog

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Sweet Amphibious Revenge

Everyone's favorite little frog is back in Revenge of Toxic Frog! You're in for a wild and whacky ride as the Jungle Pond breaks loose into pure mayhem! Hop your frog over hundreds of lilypads as you race against the clock to hunt down the Masks of Revenge. Face all kinds of new and familiar jungle dangers as you tackle 24 levels of firefly munching fun. For the Grand Frog Finale,  unlock two incredible Marathon Frog Modes for one of the most unique endless runner experiences in iTunes! It's time to hop! It's time for Revenge!

"Little Frog,
floating free on your Jungle Pond.
You only have one life to live,
where will you hop?"


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Official Trailer

Free goodies for the Frog in all of us.

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