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Toxic Frog Artwork: The Tiki

Posted by Keith on 20 March 2012

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In preparing the graphics for the Android version of Toxic Frog I got to spend some time with one of the favorite but less prominent characters: the Tiki. Those of you who have Toxic Frog know that the Tiki appears in the settings screen, not really so much in the game -- unless you want to consider that it could very well be the one shooting poison darts at you from offscreen if you have hopped well enough to get that far!

The Tiki was particularly fun to create. A Tiki is all about the face. If you don't have a good Tiki face you don't have a good Tiki, that's it. If you have ever spent some time looking at Tikis (and let's be honest, who hasn't?!) you have probably noticed they have about the most wild and crazy faces you will find anywhere. Assignment: go look at Tiki faces :0)

Now coming from a strong background in cartooning, I can tell you that there's few things that a cartoonist likes more than the challenge of a good face. The right facial expression can mean so much to a cartoon, you've got very limited space and very little dimension to convey your message, much like when creating mobile apps for that matter.

While going through the graphics I gathered some of the artwork in order to share with you the Art of Toxic Frog and the evolution of the Tiki. Click the images for a large version. Enjoy!


Early Toxic Frog Tiki faces:


The first Tiki, appears in the Toxic Frog Teaser Video:


For the settings Tiki, I wanted something more tangible, more carved-from-wood and Tiki-ish. The early stuff was fun, but a little too jack-o-lantern/skeletal. This is what I was after:


So here is the final Tiki used in the settings screen:


Here is a variation as seen in the Desktop Wallpaper, complete with blowgun and 'Settings Gear' Tattoos - I'm thinking of getting some of these myself :0)   (click to get your wallpaper)

And of course the Desktop Tiki for Mac and Windows!











Edit 05/03/2013:

The Toxic Frog Desktop Tiki has been retired! Hopefully it brought you a thousand years of good luck and prosperity or helped you lay ruin to all of your mortal enemies during its feature on RI!