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The Post Office is Open!

Posted by Keith on 10 May 2013

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The Post Office is open, PO Box! Introducing Ramble Interactive Postcards. Our unique custom postcards are really a fun way to brighten someone's day!

Now this is not your typical e-card, for heaven's sake no. This is a postcard. What's the difference you say? Well, with your typical e-card, your recipient has to follow a link to go view their card. Sounds sucpicious. On the other hand, with our postcards your beautiful custom postcard is sent as an image directly to your recipient's email. Indeed. Postcards hand crafted by us, customized by you with your message and sent directly to your recipient's email. No nasty 'pick-up' link to follow or anything. And it's free. It doesn't get any better than this. We've started it out with a set of Toxic Frog artwork! Go ahead, try it out here. Enjoy!