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Metaphor Revealed


Posted by Keith on 29 January 2014

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Hello Little Frogs, today we reveal to you a secret! Actually, it's not so much a secret to the observing amphibious eye, it is hidden in plain site. Would you believe the opening lines to the Revenge of Toxic Frog trailer video are actually a fully intended metaphor? Yes indeed! Watch closely, and see if you can figure it out, then we shall explain:

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Toxic Frog Tips

Posted by Keith on 14 March 2012

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Hello Little Frogs! We've been hearing about the trials and tribulations of hopping, and just like that I was struck with inspiration to post this small list of Toxic Frog Tips. Yes, we know, being a frog is challenging. But never fear! As the wonderful piece of amphibious wisdom from level 9 states (SPOILER ALERT):

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It's No Secret

Posted by Keith on 28 November 2011

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It's no secret, perhaps the front of our web page gave it away, Toxic Frog is now live in the App Store for your hopping pleasure! Before I say anything else here's a big THANK YOU to the folks who haver already picked up a copy! You are now our new best friends and we will drink a toast to you on Christmas. We know who you are...well....sort of, or not really, but we can see the country where a sale comes from which is pretty cool. Heck, we even had a few sales in Canada, Kuwait, Russia, Japan and Australia! In all seriousness, it is just about the most amazing feeling to step back and think that people around the world are hopefully enjoying our game. We truly appreciate your support, you are now all honorary and esteemed Ramblers! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please drop us a line, we would love to hear from you!

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