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Free World Frog Day


Posted by Keith on 29 August 2012

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Have you ever noticed that the month of August does not seem to have many holidays? In fact, August is probably the month with the least amount of holidays. Seasonally speaking, August has been jipped. There’s nothing wrong with August really, it’s a great month. It’s starts with the height of summer (at least as far as the Northern Hemisphere is concerned) and then quietly eases us off into thoughts of Fall and the holidays ahead. We love August which is just another great reason we have chosen August 31st to celebrate the world’s best and newest holiday, Free World Frog Day!

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Frog Unity


Posted by Keith on 6 May 2012

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As I have said before, it really is an amazing feeling to step back and think that people around the world are hopefully enjoying Toxic Frog. We truly appreciate your support! It's quite a challenge being a small independent studio, that's why every single player counts and each player is an important and esteemed honorary Rambler.

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Nook Wallpapers

Posted by Keith on 6 April 2012

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Nook Wallpapers, yes indeed it's true! We are really happy to have Toxic Frog hopping on the Nook and what better way to celebrate? Thank you to all those Nook Folk who have discovered the joy of hopping. Just click on the image below to download the Nook Wallpaper of your choice, or get really crazy and download them both!

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Toxic Frog Artwork: The Tiki

Posted by Keith on 20 March 2012

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In preparing the graphics for the Android version of Toxic Frog I got to spend some time with one of the favorite but less prominent characters: the Tiki. Those of you who have Toxic Frog know that the Tiki appears in the settings screen, not really so much in the game -- unless you want to consider that it could very well be the one shooting poison darts at you from offscreen if you have hopped well enough to get that far!

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Posted by Keith on 28 August 2011

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Goodies for goodness sake! Introducing the new goodies section! I just added this new part to RI where we will have all kinds of nifty stuff for those who would dare Ramble, especially those in need of some fun and cheer and.....goodies. Admittedly, there's not much to it right now, but hey it's just getting started.

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New Site Launched!

Posted by Keith on 30 March 2011

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Notice anything different? Indeed! It's a brand new site! With a blog and a newsletter even, what madness! About time really, but with all of the other projects it had to wait. We hadn't done much with our site until now, but with our first iPhone game in the pan it was about time. You heard me right, first iPhone game, and it's a doozy. Actually we have a few titles in various stages of completion, so much going on! Thus the new site on top of that. We wanted to have a better place to blog about current happenings and keep better in touch with everyone interested in the RI world. For goodness sakes we are finally even going to be tweeting and have a face, have mercy! OK, now don't go getting all overwhelmed on us or pass out, it's not like we are going to be blogging 24 hours a day or sending out 400 tweets a minute, we still have to develop stuff you know. We're really excited, there's a lot of good stuff coming down the pipes. So what are you waiting for? Go on an sign up for our newsletter and be among the first to know about the latest from RI!

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