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Posted by Keith on 1 June 2011

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OK so much for blogging, wow has it been busy and here is my first post since launching the new site. Well I certainly don't want to get in the habit of blogging about equipment either, but this one is just too fun. After all, who doesn't love a new toy? Therefore it is with utmost joy I announce that Ramble Interactive welcomes a brand new baby midi controller to the studio, an Axiom 61 from M-Audio, we are still deciding on a name:


Up until recently, music production at the studio hasn't required more than editing simple loops here and there. Depending upon your degree of insanity and perseverance you can accomplish that with a software keyboard (however painful and slow it may be), and that's what I was doing. However, with the need to compose some more serious music for our up-and-coming iPhone games it was clear I finally needed a controller.  And it's about time too, my last new keyboard was a Roland D5 which should date me rather severely to any keyboard players out there. I can't help but notice there is one for $110 on eBay right now myself, I just might have to buy that bad boy for old time's sake! But I digress, back to the new controller.

I went with the Axiom 61 after a bunch of research, and then I narrowed down the choices by flipping a coin. I had a few others in mind, including a full 88 key by Studiologic. Being a piano player the full 88 keys were tempting but I kept on leading towards the Axiom because it offered more onboard controls for recording. It's just covered in knobs and sliders, I think it might even be able to launch the Space Shuttle. As for keys, guess the 88 will have to wait. The 61 semi-weighted keys aon the Axiom are really sweet, most of the other controllers in this range had that spongy plasticky icky feel that most piano players hate. The pads work great for triggering game sound effects and of course percussion. Given everything, this controller is going to work nicely for recording the game tracks I have running through my head. I've yet to really finish setting it up and map the controls for recording, if I can only stop playing it and goofing off.

I decided to break it in just for fun with a quick recording of an old classic, the first Jazz song I ever learned, Autumn Leaves. It's been a looooong time since I played much Jazz, but here goes. This first version is the result after several failed attempts and far too many cups of coffee. I added a music visualiser, kind of a music equalizer made out of leaves to distract you from my mistakes, please enjoy:



This second version is after the coffee wore off, the non-caffeinated version: