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Frog Unity

Posted by Keith on 6 May 2012

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As I have said before, it really is an amazing feeling to step back and think that people around the world are hopefully enjoying Toxic Frog. We truly appreciate your support! It's quite a challenge being a small independent studio, that's why every single player counts and each player is an important and esteemed honorary Rambler.

Having said that, we are happy to say people are hopping all over the world. It's a fact. People in Canada, Russia, Japan, and Kuwait. People in England, Ireland, and Australia. The numbers may not be huge, but they are there and growing. We even have people in Israel AND Iran, two countries sadly not known to be the best of friends right now. This is fascinating to us, and has led to the most amazing of revelations. What we have here is really more than just a game. It is in fact a Global Unity of Frog Oneness. You see, we have discovered a subtle yet profound truth hidden in Toxic Frog:

Even though we may come from different countries, different cultures, different backgrounds, and even different devices, we are all really just frogs at heart...hopping from one lily pad to the next...just trying to get one more firefly and not get killed before our time runs out. 

A Global Unity of Frog Oneness. It is with that, I humbly offer to you our latest creation, the Frog Unity desktop wallpaper. Click here to download or click the preview below. Hop lightly upon this world Little Frogs, and may you hop in peace!



Hop for World Peace

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