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Free World Frog Day

Posted by Keith on 29 August 2012

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Have you ever noticed that the month of August does not seem to have many holidays? In fact, August is probably the month with the least amount of holidays. Seasonally speaking, August has been jipped. There’s nothing wrong with August really, it’s a great month. It’s starts with the height of summer (at least as far as the Northern Hemisphere is concerned) and then quietly eases us off into thoughts of Fall and the holidays ahead. We love August which is just another great reason we have chosen August 31st to celebrate the world’s best and newest holiday, Free World Frog Day!

Free World Frog Day is being established in order to honor and celebrate the Global Unity of Frog Oneness, which we introduced everyone to on this blog post. First and foremost on this day, Toxic Frog will bee FREE in the App Store! If you are not hopping yet, this is the perfect day to get Toxic Frog and recognize your individual yet global frog identity. And it gets even better. As a festive treat to commemorate the first annual Free World Frog Day there will be a special debut performance by the Toxic Frog Fireflies, which we will broadcast to YouTube without any commercial interruptions!

Are you excited yet? We knew you would be. It’s a good thing we did not place Free World Frog Day too close to Christmas, the competition would be fierce. Besides, everyone thinks of snow and winter at Christmas, and frogs definitely don’t like snow. August is the month for the frog, rejoice! In fact, to help you with your festivities, we’ve put together this short list of recommended ways you can celebrate Free World Frog Day:

1.) Take the day off of work (That’s a no brainer. We’ve already suggested to many major employers that this be a paid holiday).
2.) Wear something green (Sorry St. Patrick's Day, but you can’t monopolize the color green)
3.) Go swimming, preferably in a jungle pond or close proximity there of (really, any body of water will do including bath tubs)
4.) Hop, don’t walk (That’s right. Even just hop a few times when no one is looking. Happiness is in, seriousness is out the window)
5.) Beer has hops, need I say more?
6.) And of course, play a couple rounds of Toxic Frog!

There you have it! So remember, the first annual Free World Frog Day is August 31st, 2012. Tell your friends and family, tweet about it and get your festivities in order. Look for the Hallmark cards in the gift section of your local grocery store and prepare to celebrate!