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Posted by Keith on 29 April 2016

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Greetings Ramblers! You may have noticed I have been quiet for a little while, a little too quiet perhaps. Well, that's because I have been hard at work behind the scenes here at the Rambling Machine. In fact, I have been so engaged in the new project that I think I may have missed Christmas, but I will have to check my calendar to see exactly what year and month we are in. Nevertheless, I have definitely made enough progress with the latest work to the point where it seems appropriate to offer you this bit of exciting news: I are extremely pleased to announce that there is a very special new game coming from Ramble Interactive. A very special game inspired by a very special little dog, Frankie the Italian Greyhound.

Frankie came to me quite some time ago as a rescue dog and immediately stole my heart. He came with the name Frankie, but has since acquired many other names such as "French Fry", "Little Big Eyes", "Fraunch", and most appropriate of all, "The Little Monster". He came with the name Frankie, but it is sad to remember that he also came with a tragic medical history which included a lot if injuries and trauma. In fact, when I first got Frankie he was in terrible shape. He was extremely emaciated and malnourished, completely lacking energy, and he suffered from seizures. Yet, whatever it was that Frankie had been through before he came to me, it's obvious that it never affected his little spirit. As soon as I started giving him love, care, good nutrition and attention, he began to bounce back.

I am happy to say that today Frankie is in perfect health. Actually, he has more spunk and energy than any of us. For instance he is the first one up every morning. He is the first one up and his first order of business is to jump on top of the kitchen table ( yes, on top of the kitchen table ) and bark at us until I get up and give him a treat. He runs the house. He rules the backyard. He will go on endless walks. The other dogs are ready to pass out, and he is ready to go again. He's a joy, a holy monster, a darling, a tough guy, a terror, an enigma, and the inspiration behind the next game. Get ready for Run Frankie Run!

Now don't get me wrong. While this game is surely inspired by love, there is no mushiness involved here. You are in for a high spirited adventure full of excitement, challenges, triumphs and tragedies. Frankie wouldn't have it any other way. Just ask my veterinarian.

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 Frankie ( and friends ):

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