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The Studio

How to make Ramble Interactive:


  • •  1 person, ripe with experience and passion
  • •  20 plus years of experience in the Fine Arts
  • •  15 plus years in Programming and Development
  • •  12 plus years in Online Media
  • •  A dash of insanity

Developing Instructions:

Take the one person full of experience and passion and ad to the Studio. Pour in the 20 plus years of experience in the Fine Arts (including generous amounts of Illustration, Cartooning, and Photography) plus all years of Programming and Online Media experience. Add a dash of insanity and stir briskly. Place the whole Studio in Escondido, CA and simmer on high daily. Season to taste with commitment, quality, and unique vision.

Serves Everyone

Certified Organic, 100% USDA Prime Media. Ramble Interactive is a Multimedia Studio bringing you exciting independant mobile games crafted with care, incredible web development, and top notch branding services. Founded by Keith A Otto, verified Game Developer, Interactive Designer, Animator, Illustrator, Musician and Freelance Fun-haver. Based in San Diego, CA.